The Permakids Upgrade With A New Look For Year 2

Stick with us as we learn this new format and work out the kinks.

What does this mean exactly? Well, for the first year our website was all about who and what we were … We basically had to tell people what a ‘Permakid’ was. We still do for the most part, but whatever.

For year two, we are going to try and step it up. We know what is easy to do, and we know where we need to improve as gamers, internet entertainers, and fans of all geekery.

For Year two, will be about what we have to say, rather than who we are. We’ve knocked out around 30 podcast episodes, and we’ll revisit that outlet again later, but for now we will attempt to express our opinions via website posts such as this one.

You will be able to comment, support, hate, troll us, and whatever you want to do just so as long as we’re getting some sort of interaction with ya’ll. We crave discussion about anime, games, movies, and all that stuff, so let us know what you think from time to time and let us know what sort of stuff you’d like us to review and comment on.

Permakids Year 2!

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