New Xbox One Preview Update

Microsoft had a closed to the public press event on February 25 where they talked about what’s to come for the Xbox One. There was an embargo and none of the people that went could talk about it…I’m happy to report that the embargo has been lifted.


The  Major Nelson blog  will detail much of what’s included in the update, which Preview participants can download today; an update for the Xbox app beta test will be available starting tomorrow. So let’s talk about some of the big news that came from it.


It will add a variety of new features to the console. One of the awesome features is that we will now be able to buy Xbox 360 backward compatible games directly from your Xbox One. Members can now search for these releases as they would Xbox One downloadable games. So if there’s some games you missed out on the 360 that you forgot about but want to play…now you’ll be able to. This is great news.


Twitch users!! Now when you broadcast from your Xbox One, you’ll be able to add your friends to party chat and have their audio being heard over your live streams with yours as well. This is also great news and as I’m about to get back into live streaming, now everyone can hear my friends as well.

Here’s a bigger list of things that are also coming along with the update:

You’ll be able to set your party to be heard through your tv, headset or both. You’ll also be able to customize your dvr game clip lengths from 15 seconds all the way to 5 minutes. Bring on the montage clips!!!! I’m really excited about that. There’s more on the update so check out Major Nelson’s Blog for the full list. This is a great step in the right direction and this update will be awesome. More things were talked about at the press conference so we’ll get you up to date on everything.

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