My Love Letter To SUPERCELL Mobile Games

PK SW Here, and Kaiser was right to call me a filthy casual in episode 33 of our podcast.

I’ve recently been playing mobile games EXCLUSIVELY and having a blast. It all started when my reserves unit made me download Clash of Clans so we could keep in touch before I got out of the army. (Woot woot). I had forgotten why I stayed away from those games, and tricked myself into thinking it was because those were all non-games for casual normies who couldn’t hack it as real gamers…but the truth quickly came out as I began playing … I have a severly addictive personality and should have remembered before getting into these games.

So I got to the point in Clash of Clans that caused me to have to wait 3 or 4 days for a base or warrior unit to become upgraded, and decided instead of dishing out $10 or $20 … I would just download another game just like it, and rotate through the two.

There are many clones to this type of game so you don’t have to look far, but instead of getting War of Clans or Clash of Kings, or Game Of War, or whatever, I decided to see what other Super Cell games were out there.

I ended up getting Boom Beach, and Hay Day, and surprise twist … I fell madly in love with Hay Day, the one game I was playing where I wasn’t involved in some clan…or neighborhood.

I realized I really like multitasking and doing mundane jobs, but with Hay Day I didn’t feel the pressure of having to constantly be a part of some war.

I constantly let my clan down ever war we participate in, but with Hay Day, I can just grow carrots and wheat, and everything is stress free…

Anyway, I was rotating through those three games as well as Fallout Shelter (Which just got a new update) and everything was cool until SuperCell up and out of nowhere released CLASH ROYALE!

I immediately downloaded it the day it was made available and now I’m obsessed with yet another mobile game. My phone hasn’t been used as a phone in days and my battery is always seconds away from dying.

Clash Royale has the same artistic style as Clash of Clans but seems to take place in a different era. The giants, archers, and goblins are all still there, but the game plays a bit more like Hearthstone in that you find a quick match, see who is better with the cards you’re dealt, and move on.

I have no desire to play another console game for a long while and I most likely will be kicked out of the permakids for this treason…but wherever I end up, I’ll have my head down, and I’ll be ignoring the world around me.



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I'm SW. I've become more of a casual gamer throughout the years unless the right title steals my life away. I enjoy party games with local multiplayer, and even traditional tabletop gaming.

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