The 21 Jumpstreet/Men In Black crossover is happening!

A ton of podcasts back, we talked about this happening and now it’s official. Remember awhile back when Sony got hacked and tons of emails went out about certain movies? Well this was one of them. It has now been confirmed that this will finally become an actual movie.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who brought the 21 JUMP STREET films along, will stay on as producers. The MEN IN BLACK duo set to be a part of this film will not be Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones. A pair of younger faces is what Sony is after, as they attempt to relaunch one franchise with the help of another. Remember an all new trilogy for Men In Black is in the works as well. This sounds like insanity and most of all…..FUN. Remember that word? Remember the times when people just had fun? Let’s get back to that. No release date has been announced.

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