PK SW Is Now An East Texas Ghostbuster!

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must decide how much longer he wants to live without owning a proton pack.¬†

Look, I’m 30 years old and enough is enough. I have a hole deep inside that can only be filled with one thing … GHOSTBUSTERS! I recently reached out to a Facebook group called the East Texas Ghostbusters and messaged them asking what can I do to join their ranks. I haven’t officially met them, but they all seem like awesome people. I’m in!

The page is moderated by ¬†Chris and Lindsay Jacobs, a Ghostbustin’ married couple (Relationship goals!) who have gone to a bunch of conventions and met with other Ghostheads, and real Ghostbusters too! They came up with a brilliant design for the East Texas logo which you can see up top.


Chris has his own proton pack, and under his wing, I’m hoping to build my very own as well. See all the updates here.

Most people that know me, know this is a huge deal for me, and even though I’ve got a career, family, friends, and other hobbies … most of that will now have to suffer because I am a Ghostbuster.

Check out my early review of the new Ghostbusters trailer and visit the East Texas Ghostbusters Facebook Page. Give us a “LIKE” or share with some fanboys you might know.


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I'm SW. I've become more of a casual gamer throughout the years unless the right title steals my life away. I enjoy party games with local multiplayer, and even traditional tabletop gaming.

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