Xbox Live Games With Gold For April 2016

Well it’s that time folks. Here are the Games With Gold for the month of April. This is a REALLY good month!


This month for Xbox One you be getting


The Wolf Among Us from April 1-30. It’s brought to you by the team at Telltale (known for The Walking Dead Series) and this game is so good! It’s all 5 episode so I will be downloading this and playing through it again. Highly Recommended!!!

April 16 – May 15 is


Sunset Overdrive! Thanks to the devs at Insomniac, this is one of Xbox One’s best exclusive and it’s now going to be free! I haven’t played it yet (which is why I’m happy) but I’ve heard nothing but great things. Kozzel beat it and he loved it. It’s like Jet Set Radio on crack with guns and aliens!

On the 360 side April 1-15


Dead Space! I never got into this franchise so maybe now is a good time to start. I’ve always heard good things and I heard it’s prettyyy scary to play so I’m looking forward to that.

Finally on April 16-30


Saints Row IV!!! I love the Saints Row franchise which is why I’ve almost 100 percented this game. I’m like 1 achievement away lol. Anyway, Saints Row The 3rd hooked me and this one kept me. It’s like playing GTA in The Matrix. The movie references alone make this one of the funnest games I’ve played.

All in all, this is one of the best months to date so get to downloading when they become ready!

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