Final Fantasy XV anime, movie and the game release date!!

Tonight was a night many RPG fans (including myself) have been waiting for. Square Enix had a live streamed event to talk about FFXV and boy did they deliver. I’m not going to go into full detail but I’ll put up footage showing what’s to come.

First off, there will be a Final Fantasy XV anime series called Brotherhood. It will be a 5 episode series showing the bond of brotherhood. Here’s the trailer.

Up next, there will be a full CGI Final Fantasy XV Movie called Kingsglaive. It will be a prequel to the game. Here’s the trailer.

And finally….the moment we have all been waiting for. Square Enix has finally announced the release date for Final Fantasy XV!!!!


That’s right folks!!!!! September 30th 2016 you will be able to pick up Final Fantasy XV to get lost in!!!! I have been waiting so long for this day and it’s finally coming! I spent plenty of time playing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and with the Final Fantasy XV Demo that came with it. Needless to say….once this game releases you won’t hear from me. Now….here’s to hoping the game lives up!

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